The Advantages of Airport Lounges

That time of year is upon us, the time of year where we stare longingly out the window – our gaze trapped by the ominous gray sky that seemed to you inside your office. One thing is clear. A holiday is needed. The January blues bring on the daydreams of sitting on the beach under the electric blue sky, bronzing your skin sipping on a sex on the beach cocktail with a novelty umbrella in it. Realize this day-dream into reality. At the moment you can book some absolute bargains due to a slump in the holiday market, and down to certain tensions in certain countries (Egypt etc.) tropical climates have never been cheaper. So why not make the mountains of paperwork seem a bit less daunting and book yourself a stress-free getaway?

Escape to an Airport Lounge

Whilst you're at it, why not add to this 'stress-free' vibe getaway, why not book your holiday away with an extra treat; treat yourself to airport lounge access.

With Airport lounges, you can escape all the calamity and chaos that any airport has to offer – children crying, parents stressing, security guards giving you the evil eye. With airport lounges you can scuttle away to a little comfortable paradise; a stylish lounge where you can enjoy plenty of excellent facilities, such as:

· Free fax and phone services, for those moments when you just can not escape the office.

· Hi-Speed ​​Wi-Fi

· Complimentary drinks service, quenching your thirst with a cool beverage.

· Low rates of exchange on foreign currency and free passport information.

· Constant journey updates regarding keeping times, gate numbers and final calls.

· Normally with Airport Lounge access packages you will benefit from other great offers including airport parking, hotels, care hire etc.

A well-needed get away with airport lounge access on top of that makes for a winning combination. Do not stress yourself out before you even arrive at your destination, stay on top of things, put your feet up and keep relaxed in an airport lounge.

Advantages of the Airport Lounge

Imagine yourself sitting in a comfy chair in the private airport lounge. You are away from all the hustle and bustle an airport contains. You have complimentary cold beverage in one hand, a complimentary snack in the other. You wonder if you have got any emails from work before the big meeting tomorrow, so you take advantage of the free internet service provided to you, or if you need to, make use of the free to use phone or fax machines. It is never possible to know when your flight is going to be delayed, or for how long, so having a membership to gain constant access to airport lounges all over the world is a great asset to have – so for those moments when you are truly stuck, you can escape to a completely stress-free environment.

There are other benefits also. With certain companies, if you sign up for a scheme which grants you access to airport lounges – you will receive some great extras, which may include:

· Care Hire Discounts

· Airport Parking

· Hotel Discounts

· Luggage transit discount

· Airport transfers – low rates on foreign currency.

· Discount on travel gadgets

· Others discounts and promotions

Keeping you up to date with your Journey

If you have exclusive airport lounge access , the stress of journey times and details will all be handled for you. Certain airport lounges will keep you up date with all the essential details of your check in and boarding times, gate numbers and that important final call. With certain services, it is possible to keep the person awaiting your arrival updated as to the details of your landing time.

All in all, do not let airports get the better of you when it comes to the crunch. Life itself throws enough stress our way for us to combat in every day situations, so why not treat yourself – keeping that blood pressure low before you rise high into the air.

Taking A Mediterranean Cruise

If you’re looking for a real getaway to relax, see new things, and escape the cold weather, nothing beats a Mediterranean cruise. Without tons of internal flights and changing hotel rooms, you can see several different and unique places in the Mediterranean in one short trip.
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You can see incredible places including Malta, Rhodes, Corsica, Sardinia, Crete, Marmoris, Istanbul, Antalya and more. You can see ancient and modern Greece, experience the beauty of Turkey, and see the unique culture of Cyprus. It’s an incredible opportunity to learn about ancient and different cultures, taste a variety of different foods, and even taste wines unique to their individual regions. For example, Santorini’s wines have a unique flavor due to the volcanic ash that is part of the island’s soil.
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Of course, when you’re on board, you can enjoy a plethora of great activities. Mediterranean cruises offer three delicious meals a day but the buffets run all day and night, not to mention the Midnight Buffets and Chocoholic Buffets. So there is simply no way you will ever go hungry. They even offer you free 24 hour room service! You can join the exercise classes on board, swim in the pool, or just relax on deck with your favorite book. Most cruise ships offer an onboard casino and almost all offer spa treatments, albeit usually at an extra cost.
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You should certainly make every effort to catch the evening shows. Many Mediterranean cruise ships offer a different show every night. You can see everything from singing and dancing to incredible acrobatics, and sometimes even a whole musical production. If shows aren’t your thing, you might want to head into an onboard nightclub for a few drinks and some music. It really all depends on your mood, but you can be certain that you won’t be bored no matter what you choose.

Top Romantic Hotels Around the World

When you are on a romantic holiday, finding a perfect hotel is a must and if you are not short on budget, then the opportunities of lodging in a perfect hotel are much higher than the usual. For many people, the honeymoon is the only time when they consider luxury over budget and wish to have the perfect itinerary designed for the entire trip. Since the offers and deals on flight tickets are flooding the internet and fewer information on hotel places putting people into massive confusion, here we have come up with the list of top romantic hotels around the world that are really amazing and give away nothing but the best delights one can ever savor on. So, if you are not much worried about your budget and looking forward for something luxurious, mood-setting and joyful, then here is a list of the best romantic hotels across the globe for your references:

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1. The Gritti Palace, Venice, Italy

The charming and romantic city of Venice must be in your travel bucket list for couple getaways and if you are planning on visiting this enthralling conurbation of the Italy in the near future, then you will find the Gritti Palace a perfect suit for your stays. With an average cost starting from US $ 800 per night previously, this place will give you an enthralling experience of all time. From the views of the Grand Canal to the fantastic interior that consist of historical artefacts from the heritage of the region are the largest highlight of the place. The incredible hospitality along with fascinating suits are the key features along with myriad world-class facilities. So, if you are planning on a dreamy vacation to the Venice, Gritti Palace will be the best option for you.

2. Shangri-La Hotel Paris, France

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The romantic capital of the world Paris requires no introduction as the city is already in your travel bucket list. The fascinating capital of France is already having an image for being dreamy as well as expensive enough itself, but when we speak of the best romantic hotel, Paris raises the bar manifolds as you have to choose from the best of the best. Here, Shangri-La Hotel Paris has been a wonderful place for everyone. Incepted as a private mansion in its early days. This 101-roomed property is a thriving place featured with the classic interior, state-of-the-art interior, world-class services and close proximity from the center of the attraction Eiffel Tower. The average cost of the stay starts from US $ 930 per night and can give you a lifetime experience to cherish.

3. Rosewood London, London, England

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The blooming British capital London is a truly mesmerizing place for everyone to spend a quality and memorable couple vacation and before you think of any place that can be suitable for your luxurious stay (except for the Buckingham Palace), Rosewood London will catch your eyes instantly . The exterior itself has been a catch for tourists, but once you step inside this giant hotel property, you will understand what has made this hotel to fall in this list. Featuring an abundant range of hotel suites ranging from US $ 550 per night and offering an array of incredible features such as large rooms, exquisite interiors, outstanding hospitality and mood-setting charisma, Rosewood London will certainly give you an experience you will never forget.

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4. Soho Grand Hotel, New York City, USA

Many people do not find New York City as romantic as many more cities included in this article and may give-up without even trying. However, if you love to spend a dreamy time in the lovable city of NYC, then planning a stay at Soho Grand Hotel will be a great catch for you. Featuring an incredible variety of attributes and features such as state-of-the-art interior, bewitching contemporary style rooms, exquisite range of restaurants and bars and much more at a starting price of US & 210 per night, this place is really incredible while giving a close proximity from the largest attractions near the city center. So, for those who are looking for a budget romantic getaway in the Big Apple will find this place much more incredible.

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5. One & Only the Palm, Dubai, UAE

Dubai is recognized around the world for its opulent lifestyle and royal culture which is introducing luxury travelers to a new level of plush experiences. However, for newlywed couples and romantic travelers with deep pockets, One & Only the Palm is one of the most enthralling hotel property in the region. Outshining the other accommodation options with its secluded beach, excellent scene of the city as well as the coasts, thriving range of amenities and dining options and much more, One & Only the Palm is a perfect getaway option for your next couple getaway. You can have the most exquisite and dreamy vacations in Dubai if you book your places in One & Only the Palm with a starting price of US $ 550 per night.

The definition of romantic settings differ from person to person and no matter how well filter the requirements, there will always be a truck load of options for you to choose a perfect and enthralling hotel stay accommodation provided the budget. Since the romantic places are still outnumbered by the couples who are seeking these places, you'll consider getting through these places well in advance to ensure of getting your suit reserved for better experiences and find a perfect travel agency for better deals and get your itinerary booked .

How To Get My Ex Boyfriend Back, Not Send Him Away

Hmmm, did things all of a sudden go wrong between you and your guy? Now he's on the run and you're not sure what to do. You know things were happy and going well and now you can not understand why you are asking show me how to get my ex boyfriend back. Do not worry. Things just got blinded for a while but with a few basic steps you may be able to get things going again

The most important thing is how you answer these next 4 simple but vital questions while trying to figure out how to get your ex back.

1. Whatever happened, is it worth paying this much attention to.

2. Is the situation even worth arguing about

3. Can things be done differently to stay away from arguing or is it time to forget it and move on.

4. Are the issues being talked about even worth arguing about?

So the trick here is did you answer no to any of the four questions. If you did then it might just be a good idea to move forward. In most cases most arguments are just silly and if some thought is put into it then things could be deal with much easier. Most relationships that go bad can be fixed if the arguments are fixed.

You are still asking how do I get my ex boyfriend back. The things you have to stop worrying about are how others look at you. You only want your ex to see you once he did when things were good. It does not matter if you are ugly, pretty, thick, thin, or whatever. He fell for what you were and not what you are trying to be.

You have to get away from your ex for a while. I know this sounds dumb but it is a very important step in helping save the relationship. You need to know that emotionally you are okay. This will help you keep the stress down when it comes to the relationship issues. You see if you feel better then there is a good chance your ex is feeling better as well. Actually being distanced for a while may be a good thing for everyone involved. Even though you are keeping your distance a little small communication would never hurt. Keeping open lines of communication with no emotions is very key.

Ok, now some of the questions of how do I get my ex boyfriend back are starting to be answered but we must carry on. By now both of you should have cooled down enough to start taking a good look at what really happened. It really is time to sit down now and talk about why the relationship has come to this.

The two of you just need to understand how civility works. If the two of you could just take the time to talk things out then much of the harm could very well be undone. If there is any chance of making things good again then this should be the ultimate goal.

Of course this is just a small part in answering the question how can I get my ex boyfriend back. By following these steps you should at least have a chance instead of driving him away.

Hawaii Tour – Exciting and Thrilling

A vacation to Hawaii can be sheer fun if quality transportation and accommodation facilities are available. Hawaii has an array of assets to make your visit memorable. It ensures that the visitors’ plate in Hawaii is always full of experiences.

Hawaii tour is exciting and thrilling for anyone willing to go to different places of the island. Things to do here exceed what one would expect of a typical tourist spot. Hawaii provides an opportunity to enjoy some wonderful time, visit exquisite beaches and serene landscapes, and meet people from different cultures. Hawaii is a potpourri of old and new. While the exterior and life of the Hawaiians seem to be modern, people here are still imbibed with tradition and cultural values.

One of the must-visit places to visit while on Hawaii tour is Oahu island. The place has plenty of beautiful scenic vistas that resemble some of the best movie sets you have ever seen. That’s because several movies have been shot in these islands out of which Jurassic Park and The Lost World are the most popular ones. Due to the unique landscape of the island, tourists can have wonderful views of different places of the island.

For many tourists, Oahu is a wonderland, filled with charm and beauty. The impressive sea life and underwater beauty offer immense pleasure. Oahu offers plenty of activities which never allow you to get bored. You get to see serene aquatic life including an encounter with water animals ranging from sharks to dolphins. You can enjoy activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, windsurfing, swimming, jet skiing, para sailing and wave running. People have immense pleasure riding the waves of Oahu.

For couples celebrating their weddings and anniversaries in Hawaii, an area that stands among the top destinations for romantic getaways – the term romantic vacation has a totally new meaning. Throughout the tropical land of Oahu, loving couples can enjoy long romantic swims in insular bays and coves, or hit the beach for aquatic fun in the company of other water lovers.

Some attractions in Oahu such as Iolani Palace tell visitors the meaning of royalty. It is the only one of its type in the United States. This makes the Iolani Palace a national treasure and a must visit place. At one point in time, it was considered the political forefront and property of Hawaii. The Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve, located in southern Oahu, is a must go to for all swimmers. It is one of the best known destinations for snorkeling. The bay offers colorful tropical fish, coral reefs and clear water. Pearl Harbor is the site where Japan attacked US naval base in the Second World War. There are several memorials here reminding of the most infamous date in the US history.

Hawaii is well-known for its accommodation and transportation services. Standard of transportation services is quite high with some quality transport companies offering excellent taxi and limousine services Oahu Circle Island Tour. Greeting the visitors at the airport, they provide quality services to groups to make them enjoy a comfortable riding experience from airport. Online booking of these services makes it more convenient to enjoy a hassle free trip. Using internet, you can visit some reputable websites and get a suitable deal matching your budget.

Benefits of Using SAP and ERP For Your Business

Most people are realizing that SAP solutions have become extremely important to such businesses as international businesses. This is due to the companies that are part of the Fortune 1000 as they have the ERP solutions in place and they get those from the SAP. So what exactly does SAP stand for? That is simple; it is an acronym for systems, applications and products in data processing. So what exactly are the benefits of using ERP and SAP enhancement packages? It is becoming known by most all companies that they really do need to have these ERP and SAP enhancement services in order for things to run smoothly. If you get an enhancement package in place, you can expect to have your systems more flexible where third party applications are concerned. ERP does this by committing to different business scenarios so that they can improve the practices of the business networks.

Some companies find that they have problems with their end-to-end processes. That is where you can implement SAP ERP to sharpen your core function with the end-to-end process. It is safe to say that businesses really do need to have an enhancement package in place in order to be able to do what they need to do. It will help them to automate their enterprise and they will be able to keep their operational processes up to date with the ever-growing industry. It is said that SAP can help to execute ERP solutions in over 25 areas of industry. That is quite an accomplishment. It is also said that SAP will be very popular in helping companies in such places as Africa and Asia. SAP ERP is round the world in more than 85 countries, which turn out to be more than 43,000 clients worldwide. Those numbers are expected to grow as more and more enterprises jump on the SAP ERP bandwagon. Companies love the fact that they get real time updated information so they can keep their edge and stay ahead of the game.

There are many types of businesses that benefit from implementing SAP ERP solutions. If you feel that you can benefit from implementing SAP ERP solutions, then you need to check out what it can do for you. The best thing that you can do for your company is to make an educated decision. Knowledge is power and power is knowledge. Talk with your IT department to see what your options are and where you need the most help. SAP ERP can help you to keep your network as it should be. You want to make sure that you are doing what is best for your business and this will help you make it solid and safe

Get Soothed By Mauritius

Mauritius is an exotic island well nestled along the Indian Ocean and what is called the African coastline. It measures 1,860 square kms, with a population of about 12 million people and it’s easily accessible. It’s one of the greatest tourist attraction places to getaway to. The people are warm and welcoming and they love preserving their culture. The beaches are will give your back a soothing touch as you sun bathe under the cool coral reef.

Mauritius is blessed with mountains and beautiful landscapes. It’s also well endorsed in flora and that covers most of the islands’ interior and blends well with the sandy coastal region forming a photo scenic landscape. The capital city of the coastal country is called Port Louis and also offers a good view of the towering mountains. There is clear indication that you won’t feel bored. The weather is usually warm and the sea is very calm throughout the year.

Mauritians love preserving their culture and that why Mahatma Gandhi Institute is found in the town of Moka and it was especially founded to preserve and promote Mauritian Indian culture. Since there are numerous cultures being hosted around and a lot of multinational residents, the country celebrates a lot of holidays. Holidays here are deeply rooted and happen in between months. There is a holiday that comes every December and January known as the Teemedee. It’s done by the Hindus and Tamils in honor of their gods. Air Mauritius flies to this country so don’t worry how you will get to there.

Four Ways to Kiss Stress Goodbye

Who wants stress? I bet no one does. Everybody tries to avoid it. And, as for those who have it, they attempt to try everything in order to possibly help themselves escape from the fury of the headaches that usually comes with the S problem.
What's sorta funny however, is the fact that most people stress themselves on their quest to get rid of stress itself!
Well, in order to avoid such situation, here are some four simple ways that can spare a person from stress:

a. Writing. Keeping a journal where you can write anything you want on whatever is happening around you can probably help you relive stress. Writing in a journal allows you to fully express your emotions, and as a result, freeing yourself from the burden of keeping a thought or feeling all to yourself. It is also a great tool to know yourself better. Apart from that, it keeps you on track of your strengths and weaknesses, your daily development and challenges, and life's lessons. It also enhances your cognitive function.

b. Walking. Walking is not just a left-right-left-right activity to strain the muscles of your feet and legs. Rather, it can serve as a way to temporarily get away from all the life stressors. Walking gives you a break from the busy life, while allowing you to explore the environment to which you belong to. Apart from, it generates your body's happy drugs – endorphins., While increasing your body's resilience and energy as well.

c. Laughing. Many say that "Laughter is a good medicine". Well, this is in fact very true. Aside from the obvious reasons that laugh allows you to escape from the thoughts and feelings of sadness, anger or other negative activities, laughter has the power to less the level of stress hormones like adrenaline, cortisol, and dopamine in your body. It also heightens your level of health-enhancing hormones and anti-body producing cells. On top of it all, laughter serves as a way for emotional release, and it joins friends who can possibly enhance your social life as well.

d. Listening … to the music, that is. Just like writing and laughing, listening to the music allows you to get in touch with your real emotions. Apart from that, it helps you release those hidden feelings as well- may it be of guilt, remorse, or whatever Dreaded feeling. Listening to the music, especially those of the upbeat and glee type, can also help you focus on positive aspects of your life instead of dwelling on terrible thoughts of being all alone. It can also generate self-talk and analysis.

These days, life can usually get out of hand and stress can overcome your supposedly live spirit. When that happens, remember a simple formula: W2L2 = Stress Free.

Chilling Out In Maine

Now that the holidays are over … it's time for you to enjoy some real relaxation. Maybe a little "me" time is what you are longing for? Perhaps a romantic weekend getaway with that special someone in your life, just the two of you … or a a catch up with your best pals?

It's time for you to get away, relax and rejuvenate. You deserve it!

And Kennebunkport, Maine offers it all; plenty to see and do, or just do nothing and lots of lodging choices and sensational dining options. All offering great value at this time of year and just a hundred miles north of Boston and only five hours from New York City.

Upon arriving in the Kennebunk region, you feels that you have stepped back into time. It is not difficult to understand why the carefully restored Main St. is listed in the National Historic Register. The charm of the quaint brick buildings is not finished by the twenty-first century shops, boutiques and cafés that dwell within.

The Kennebunkport seaside community offers the eclectic New England ambiance that you would expect, while also offering an array of fine accommodations and dining opportunities, endless symbols of beaches, panoramic views of lighthouses, eclectic boutiques, art galleries and outlet stores. The brisk winter air serves to refresh the soul and the spirit, and then the abundance of crackling fires in most establishments warm the body and soul.

Perhaps the most renovated lodging in Kennebunkport is the famous White Barn Inn ( ). The Inn itself offers guests a plethora of choices of accommodations that combines history, romance and luxury. Every guest room or suite comes with fresh flowers, fresh fruit and terrycloth robes. Spa packages are available for those seeking to indulge in luxurious massages, rejuvenating body wraps and manicures. Modern facilities are available to those that do not want to forgo the luxury of plasma screen TV's, wireless internet access and voicemail access.

The Beach House Inn ( ) is located just two miles (within walking distance) from the historic village of Kennebunkport and offers all of the amenities of a luxurious seaside retreat, but in a more relaxed "cottage" type atmosphere. Here, you can sit inside the fireplace and enjoy the panoramic ocean views or you can walk the beach hand in hand and watch the chilly water spray into the air while the Atlantic surf pounds.

Yet another accommodation choice to consider is the Breakwater Inn and Spa ( ), sitting at the mouth of the river and straddling the juncture as they say, "where the river meets the sea". This 1800's Inn offers the nautical atmosphere of the sea for those who desire to stay in the lap of luxury while watching waves as boats maneuver in and out of the inlet. Indulge and relax even further at the Breakwater Spa, located adjacent to the main Inn.

After enjoying a leisurely breakfast at your accommodation of choice, there are a multitude of ways to spend your day. If you are staying at one of the hotels that offer a Spa menu, you could spend the day being pampered inside by the crackling fire. If you forget to bring a good book, be sure to ask your hosts as they always seem to find some suitable reading material for you to enjoy as you snuggle up.

There are miles of beaches to walk in and around Kennebunkport. Even in the winter, you will enjoy the endless spread of pristine sand, the white pounding surf and the sights of people walking dogs, flying kites, running and walking. Going to the beach in the winter is an adventure for those who enjoy seeing what the winter sea storms have washed ashore, discovering shells that have come from halfway across the ocean!

Staying in the Kennebunks also offers the winter visitor the opportunity to enjoy a drive along the rugged Maine coastline without having to battle the traffic that clogs scenic Route 1 in Spring and Summer. Maine has dozens of lighthouses along its rocky coastline and partnerships many visitors; Kennebunk is home to the Goat Island lighthouse, the last manned lighthouse in Maine and the next to the last to be automated in the United States. There are at least a half a dozen more within a short driving distance of Kennebunkport.

For those who prefer to enjoy the rich culture of this historic town, a stroll along the village streets will be to your liking. There are scenic walking tracks, dozens of cozy boutiques to browse and many fine art galleries to enjoy. The gallery "Home and Away" is the only one of its type along the New England coast and offers visitors a multi-cultural experience in one location. Scattered through the village are places to buy steaming lattes, cocoa and herbal teas to enjoy while taking in the wonder of seemingly stepping back to the 1800's.

After a day of total rejuvenation and being invigorated by the crisp winter air, you will want to enjoy dinner at one of the famous eateries that Kennebunkport offers. Grissini Italian Bistro ( ) the perfect dining experience for those wanting to continue the day that has been filled with absorbing rich history and culture. The atmosphere touts the exhibition wood-fire oven where authentic Tuscan meals with a touch of New England are prepared to order. The bistro ambiance and décor creates the illusion of being in Olde World Tuscany.

For those desiring to enjoy a formal dining experience, there is only one choice. The White Barn Restaurant ( ) offers a genuine gourmet experience in New England's only AAA Five Diamond and Mobil Five Star award winning restaurant. The finest of dining cuisine is served in two fully restored mid-1800's barns that offer crisp white linens, candlelight and floor to ceiling windows. Service is impossible and meals are prepared with finesse, using only the finest of ingredients.

So, are you ready now for that getaway weekend or mid-week escape? Are you longing for the opportunity to explore another world for just a day or two? Kennebunkport is within easy reach of anywhere in New England and offers sufficient variety to meet the individual needs of each and every visitor. Go on, jump on the internet or make that call for your reservations today and then start looking forward to the spectacular rugged coast, the foaming surf, the crackling fires, and being pampered at some of the finest accommodations and dining experiences in New England .

Take A Break: Walking Around Norfolk

If you ever vacation in England, you want to be sure and check out Norfolk, on the map it’s the bump on the right hand side! It has some of the best easy walking trails for families and beginners alike as well as being perfect for those who appreciate marshland and coastal scenery. Explore the russet woodlands during the autumn months that lead to beaches or take a vigorous walk by the hedgerows in the frosty winter time and get a feel for the rural living. Of course spring and summer have a lot to offer as well, the beautiful beaches come alive against the expansive Norfolk skyline and the colourful flowers and vibrant greens of forest and plant life are sure to make anybody feel refreshed and sated in nature.

There are so many gorgeous places to begin your walk and of course ample pubs, guest houses and tearooms to stop at along your walk so you can rest and enjoy the scenery and the local hospitality. You’ll see plenty of attractions along the way too such as galleries and museums and nature reserves or family adventure parks. You may even spot local artists capturing landscapes and scenes as you walk past.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced rambler, you will find the right path to take when you go walking here. Walk through the countryside and enjoy the beauty of everything you see, just don’t forget your camera!

Long distance walks can be done on footpaths that run about 36 miles between Diss and Norwich. This beautiful unspoiled rustic countryside has a strong heritage and the beauty here gives you many chances to appreciate wildlife, whether it is finding a hide for bird watching or riding a bike through a field of butterflies. Again, remember the camera!

If 36 miles is a bit much for you, then perhaps a shorter walk down some country lanes, footpaths and bridleways would be much better for you. Just the thing for inexperienced walkers as well as the perfect way to encounter the Norfolk countryside and its’ heritage up close.

Other walks can be done from the north Norfolk coast to the Norfolk Broads. On this walk there is something for everyone to experience. From coastal wildlife, flora and fauna to the inland cousins, you can see the countryside change and develop, and being in Norfolk, you will find a good pub at the start and end of your journey!

Norfolk offers other walking rails along the waters edge, with endless rivers (such as the famous and old River Wensum) that look like they go on forever. You can experience the riverside nature reserves and walk past creaking windmills and ancient ruins. Loads of trails and paths can be found in the heart of Norfolk.

A lot of areas have guided walks that give you the opportunity to learn about the history and wildlife and of its’ conservation. You can even go on a ghost walk if you feel brave enough either in the country or around the city of Norwich. Last but not least, you can take a trip and a walk in Thetford Forest where there are miles and miles of trails for you to enjoy, either on foot or by cycling or mountain biking. You can even ‘Go Ape’ and get tree climbing too!

When you’re all done and tired, relax under a shady tree but don’t forget to look out for the smaller bugs on the path, the famous ‘Bushy Barnaby’ or as most of us call them, ‘Ladybirds!’. Anytime of year is a great time for a walk here as each season it so different for the sights offered up. From the countryside to the coast, this place will have you counting the days until you come back for your next vacation.

Of course, in between walking you need to relax,so you may want to have all the worries of the trip taken away from you by staying at a holiday resort. Then you can relax and be really pampered while possibly finding out about some of the better walks to try. Some holiday resorts offer guided walks so you can learn more about this wonderful place. It’s a way for you to get to know the history behind the beauty of such a remarkable location. Whether as weekend getaways or for a little longer, Norfolk can offer all you need.