Four Ways to Kiss Stress Goodbye

Who wants stress? I bet no one does. Everybody tries to avoid it. And, as for those who have it, they attempt to try everything in order to possibly help themselves escape from the fury of the headaches that usually comes with the S problem.
What's sorta funny however, is the fact that most people stress themselves on their quest to get rid of stress itself!
Well, in order to avoid such situation, here are some four simple ways that can spare a person from stress:

a. Writing. Keeping a journal where you can write anything you want on whatever is happening around you can probably help you relive stress. Writing in a journal allows you to fully express your emotions, and as a result, freeing yourself from the burden of keeping a thought or feeling all to yourself. It is also a great tool to know yourself better. Apart from that, it keeps you on track of your strengths and weaknesses, your daily development and challenges, and life's lessons. It also enhances your cognitive function.

b. Walking. Walking is not just a left-right-left-right activity to strain the muscles of your feet and legs. Rather, it can serve as a way to temporarily get away from all the life stressors. Walking gives you a break from the busy life, while allowing you to explore the environment to which you belong to. Apart from, it generates your body's happy drugs – endorphins., While increasing your body's resilience and energy as well.

c. Laughing. Many say that "Laughter is a good medicine". Well, this is in fact very true. Aside from the obvious reasons that laugh allows you to escape from the thoughts and feelings of sadness, anger or other negative activities, laughter has the power to less the level of stress hormones like adrenaline, cortisol, and dopamine in your body. It also heightens your level of health-enhancing hormones and anti-body producing cells. On top of it all, laughter serves as a way for emotional release, and it joins friends who can possibly enhance your social life as well.

d. Listening … to the music, that is. Just like writing and laughing, listening to the music allows you to get in touch with your real emotions. Apart from that, it helps you release those hidden feelings as well- may it be of guilt, remorse, or whatever Dreaded feeling. Listening to the music, especially those of the upbeat and glee type, can also help you focus on positive aspects of your life instead of dwelling on terrible thoughts of being all alone. It can also generate self-talk and analysis.

These days, life can usually get out of hand and stress can overcome your supposedly live spirit. When that happens, remember a simple formula: W2L2 = Stress Free.