Valentine Getaway to the Slopes – Lake Placid Lodge

If you are looking for a unique Valentine getaway , then unforgettable experiences await you and your partner at the Lake Placid Lodge, which is located in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains. When a couple sets foot into the lodge, they will be greeted with champagne upon their arrival and a host of local delicacies. Your romantic getaway weekend may have numerous other surprises in store. For example, you may be able to spend some time with the Lodge's chef in teaching you and your sweetheart how to make soufflés, one of the most romantic desserts in the world! Additionally, you have the choice of selecting between soft robes monogrammed with your initials or a $ 100.00 credit to the Lodge's gallery which features unique art and other merchandise. What's more upon arrival, when you step into your room, expect to be greeted with a beautiful bouquet of flowers personalized with a special message just for you! Wait, there may be more goodies in store on day one, such as a personal tour of the lodge and grounds, fruit and cheese in your room, daily made-to-order gourmet breakfast served either in your room or in Artisans, and a much more.

There are numerous other amenities that can be added to your stay at Lake Placid Lodge. For a small additional fee, you and your sweetie can receive an in-room romance massage for two or enjoy a unique guided snow shoe, cross-country skiing, or downhill skiing day trip with a packed boxed lunch.

Valentine's Getaway Tip: when you call to make your reservation at the Lodge, you should ensure that you request the "Valentine's Day Package". This package does include a three night stay, and for a stay in one of the lodge's premium Lodge King Room's, the cost will be approximately $ 2,570.00 per person. It should be noted that this quoted rate does not include applicable taxes and gratuity for the staff of Lake Placid Lodge.

The Adirondack Mountains are truly unique, and the experience that you and your partner have at the Placid Lodge will truly be unforgetable. Give your beloved the ultimate gift of your time this Valentine's Day season. The staff at the Lodge is looking forward to the opportunity to welcome you.

Some Honeymoon Getaways Ideas

Your honeymoon is your first vacation as husband and wife and some people even enjoy their honeymoon so much that they plan second and even third honeymoons later in their marriage. The number of romantic honeymoon getaways is staggering and when it comes time to choose the honeymoon getaway for you and your special someone you need to make sure you choose one that fits your relationship. If you are cold weather people then a honeymoon getaway in the Bahamas may not be for you.

The honeymoon getaway business is huge and your options are literally endless. For the perfect honeymoon getaway you can try to book it yourself over the internet but I am going to suggest that you work with a professional travel agent to set up your honeymoon getaway. There are too many variables, too many ways for things to go wrong, and too many things to remember for a person with no travel experience to handle themselves. The opportunity for forgetting to make the correct arrangements is too large for such an important event so do the right thing and get a professional to take care of the arrangements for you.

High Up In The Mountains

I only have one honeymoon getaway experience but it was a wonderful one and I offer it as a suggestion if you are looking for ideas. I spent my honeymoon at one of the many resorts in the Pocono Mountains in the state of Pennsylvania. Aside from some very interesting room amenities like a champagne glass for a whirlpool bath and a fireplace in our room, the Pocono Mountains is a beautiful place to start off your marriage and the resorts there are all very beautifully and very comfortable. I can guarantee you that a second honeymoon in the Pocono Mountains is not too far off in the future.

Your honeymoon is something you should remember fondly for the rest of your life so take your time when selecting where to go and be sure to get the help of a professional travel agent when you are making your arrangements. There is nothing more satisfying than a wonderful honeymoon but there is also nothing more frustrating than a poorly planned getaway. So invest the extra money into a travel agent and then sit back and relax as you know that your honeymoon getaway will be something that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Really Get Away From It All: The World's Most Remote Hotels

Sometimes we all need to get away from it all; sometimes the further away the better. When you're usual holiday destination will not suffice (out of boredom or a need to put as much distance between yourself and your everyday life as possible), there are a host of hotels around the world that will meet your needs. Some of them offer extreme luxury amid exotic surroundings, while others offer entirely new experiences in locations you would never have dreamed of visiting. Read about the top five most remote hotels in the world and start planning your next holiday.

Bloomfield Lodge, Cairns, Australia

Bloomfield Lodge is located in Queensland's far north and trips guests to not one but two World Heritage Sites: the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest. The lodge is recognized as one of the most exclusive luxury resorts in Australia. Only 34 guests are permitted at a time, so you can sure that your every need will be promptly met.

According to Forbes's list of remote hotels, to reach the lodge one must first charter a plane, then one has to drive through the Outback for a few hours and finally cruise some way down the Bloomfield River. When you ever arrive, however, you will find that all your troubles were worth it.

For starters, the lodge is nestled on the very edge of the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef is just across the bay. There are guided tours of the forest or you can follow some self-guided trails if you prefer. You can also go on guided bird watching tours, enjoy some relaxing fishing or more adrenalin infused tropical fishing out at sea, and laze in the seclusion of Kangaii Beach. Activities based around the lodge include an outdoor Jacuzzi, freshwater pool, spa and well stocked library with paperbacks and a selection of books and journals devoted to the ecology of the rainforest and region's local history. There is also a two-hour guided river cruise that will take you to the local Aboriginal community at Wujal Wujal, while giving you an opportunity to look out for birds and crocodiles.

Kokopelli's Cave, Farmington, New Mexico

If you want remote but do not want to travel to the ends of the earth, Kokopelli's Cave might suit you. The cave, which is not a natural formation and is privately owned, is rather difficult to reach; even the owners recommend that you only try it if you¡¯re physically fit. But if it's seclusion you're after sleeping 70 feet below the earth is ideal.

The cave is located near the Mesa Verde National Monument in New Mexico and if you climb to the top of the cliff you'll be able to see all four states of the Four Corners area. It is only accessible by dirt roads and they are rough. They can be traversed by ordinary cars (up to a point), but 4x4s are recommended. If you're in a conventional car you will have to park it at the upper parking lot and walk the rest of the way, 4x4s will get you quite a bit further. If you're footing it, you'll have to follow a marked trail that leads steadily downward. The way out is even more difficult because it's all uphill.

You'd be well advised to note that no meals are served at the cave, although you can arrange for special occasions to be catered. There is a fridge and some cabinets that provide breakfast things and some fruit, but you'll have to bring everything else. There are all the creature comforts you could want, including a Jacuzzi and waterfall shower, but there are only two local TV channels, so be prepared to entertain yourself.

The Andean Cottage, Peru

Staying at the Andean Cottage has been likened to a spiritual experience. Aside from a butler, who is on call 24 hours and who appears at night to light the two wood-burning chimneys, guests are truly alone. The Andean Cottage is the only one in the area and guests have the lakeside beach all to themselves. You'd better be prepared to embrace rustic living, as there are no cars and no electricity (which means no TV).

What you get is a spacious two-bedroom home with a lake all to yourself. The master bedroom boasts a super king bed size and a large bath which provides open views of the lake.

You get there via speedboat; the trip takes 4.5 hours and the boat leaves daily from the private pier at Casa Andina, Puno. On the way you stop at the Uros Floating Islands as well as the traditional Alsuno community of weavers on Taquile Island, before arriving at Suasi. Alternately, guests with their own vehicles (4x4s strongly recommended) can drive to the dock in Cambria and go the rest of the way in the lodge's Zodiac dinghy.

In terms of things to see and do, you can go on a number of nature walks, canoe on Lake Titicaca, visit the cultural hut, which serves as a museum and library, trek up Itapilluni Hill to admire the sunset and enjoy stargazing such as you will never experience in the city.

Three Camel Lodge, Mongolia

For an authentic Mongolian experience you can do no better than Three Camel Lodge, which offers a taste of a rugged nomadic lifestyle but with luxury Gers (traditional nomadic tents) and five-star dining to fall back on. The Deluxe Gers come with private bathrooms, king size beds and felt slippers and Mongolian bathrobes, as well as locally produced toilets. The more traditional Gers are furnished with wood-burning stoves, felt carpets, hand-painted wooden beds and ceilings that provide an unobstructed view of the stars.

The lodge is located in the heart of the Gobi desert and was built according to environmentally and culturally sustainable methods; electricity is provided by solar and wind power. The lodge offers guests a number of opportunities to explore the vast Gobi desert, including Bactrian camel tours, four-wheel drive excursions, hikes (which provide an intimate glimpse into the ecology of the region including its plant, animal and bird life) and overnight field explorations. It's also possible to remember dinosaur fossils, as a paleontologist from the Mongolian Academy of Sciences takes guests out to dig sites and supervises the expedition.

Getting there is an experience in itself. First you will need to take a two-hour flight from Beijing to Ulaanbaatar (alternatively there is a three-hour flight from Seoul), then you will need to board a prop-plane for a further one-hour flight to Dalanzadgad, followed by an hour-and-a-half drive on a rough dirt road. The chance to meet local nomadic tribes, dine on local produce at the Bulagtai Restaurant and bask in the stars more than makes up for the inconvenience.

Hotel Arctic, Greenland

For possibly the most extreme experience of your life, you can not beat the Hotel Arctic, which is the northernmost 4-star hotel in the world. The hotel is located on the edge of the Ilulissat Ice Fjord, which is a World Heritage Site. It's not all that difficult to reach; almost all major European cities have flights to the airport at Kangerlussuaq, which is in turn a short 45 minute hop to Ilulissat, but it is actually at the end of the world.

The Ice Fjord is the region's primary attraction. It covers 3000 square kilometers and contains one of the largest and most active glaciers in the world. The glacier moves approximately 20m per day, and is described as a park full of sculptures that are constantly changing.

There is also the opportunity to stay in an igloo on the edge of the fjord. The igloos are not made of ice, mores the pity, but that means you are assured of all the modern conveniences.

Getaway to Sophisticated Toronto This Weekend!

Canada's largest city is an exciting destination with its big city panache and blend of different cultures. There's always something to do in Toronto!

CN Towers

Rising high above the city, the CN tower is one of the most recognizable and popular tourist attractions in Toronto. Head up to the sky pod, the highest observation deck in the world, for breathtaking views of the city. Head to the outside observation deck, then go indoors to stand on the glass floor and look down over 1000 feet to the ground below!


Head out to Chinatown, along Dundas Street, for great restaurants and a fun shopping experience. Shops sell a variety of fun trinkets as well as traditional Chinese items like beautiful silk robes, figurines and chopsticks.

Art Gallery of Ontario

The Art Gallery of Ontario, 317 Dundas St. W, is one of the earliest art museums in the country, drawing important exhibitions. The gallery's impressive permanent collection includes many works by top Canadian artists as well as European greats like Picasso and Van Gogh.

Royal Ontario Museum

Another popular and educational destination is the Royal Ontario Museum, 100 Queen's Park, the largest museum in Canada. The museum's collection is a unique blend of art, science and archaeology. There are natural history exhibits which include specimens of different creatures from around the globe, as well as cultural exhibits that show the tools, textiles and art of people from different regions of the world, like Greece and China. The Dinosaur Collection is a favorite and is popular with visitors of all ages.

Casa Loma

Visit Casa Loma, 1 Austin Terrace, the mansion built in the early 1900s for Sir Henry Pellatt, a financier. Completed in 1914, the home had 98 rooms, a great hall, a conservatory, a huge pipe organ, secret passes and more. Unfortunately, Pellatt began experiencing financial difficulties and was forced to leave the home by 1923. In 1937 the Kiwanis Club of Toronto opened Casa Loma to the public.

Love Opera?

Toronto has a vibrant theater district with a variety of plays, musicals and other shows. Opera lovers can see a production by the Canadian Opera Company, while ballet enthusiasts can sit back and enjoy the graceful movements of the dancers of the National Ballet of Canada.


Shoppers will not be disappointed with Toronto's offerings. Queen Street West is a favorite shopping district featuring popular chain stores as well as unique boutiques. The Eaton Center, 220 Yonge St., is a shopping center located in the downtown area. For luxury goods, head to the upscale Hazelton Lanes shopping mall at 55 Avenue Rd.

Can not wait to visit Toronto? The most affordable way to make a weekend trip there is via last minute getaway deals to Canada and from Canada !