Best Weekend Getaways

With the approach of summer comes the need to getaway from the day to day stresses of life-whether that is with the family or not. Either way, you can have a great relaxing weekend at the following places:

o Disneyland: You do not have to kids to go here and enjoy yourself. This is the place where dreams come true, right? This is one place that you can feel like a kid again-enjoy yourself like a child and not be reprimanded or given too weird of looks.

o The Beach: Yes, I realize that this is general, but it is wonderful to be out in the sun and do not have to worry about your normal responsibilities (work, bills). Lie out, play in the water, sleep, go shopping, and take lots of pictures. You will definitely be well-rested when you have to go back to work.

o Mountain Trip: If you love hiking and just being outdoors, a mountain retreat is perfect for you. You can choose a busy resort or a secluded lodge-whatever your preference. You will enjoy crisp mountain air, beautiful scenery, and wildlife galore.

o Lavender Festival: This is a unique one that not many people have experienced. But frankly, they are missing out. Every summer in Mona, Utah, D. Gary Young's lavender farm (Young Living farm) holds a weekend event called "Lavender Days". There is so much to do, including paddle boat rides, horse drawn carriages, jousting tournaments, classes and workshops on how to creatively use lavender, and much more. This year, this event will take place on June 27-28th, and is fabulous for the whole family.

Whatever you decide to do, just make sure that you relax, enjoy yourself, and have some fun.