Top 5 Summer Getaway Destinations of 2017

Summers are considered to be the perfect time in the year to rebound with the people we love and give us ample of opportunity to rejuvenate that old bonding with your circle by either planning out something different on the boring days of summer season or planning a getaway to some of the finest and most desired getaways in the region. If you like traveling and intend to take the opportunity to cash the summer vacations for getting close to the people next to your heart, you shall consider the following places as an option for a fabulous getaway experience with a delightful range of experiences, pocket-friendly holidays and incredible options to rejuvenate that old closeness.

1. Key West, Florida

Summers are the perfect time to go and enjoy some laid-back or adventurous getaways next to the beaches and if you have been thinking to find a place that can offer you all the things above along with fewer crowd and affordable packages, then you should consider visiting Key West in Florida. A small city of the Florida, ideally famous for its striking beaches, captivating boardwalks, incredible sandy shores and delightful nightlife, Key West makes a perfect getaway option as most of the people will be planning to make a stop at Miami. If you like getting drenched in the soothing water against those shining sky, then all you need now is to go for Key West, Florida.

2. San Francisco, California

The charming bayside city of Westcoast, San Francisco doesn’t require an introduction to give you some great holiday vibes. An inspiring getaway option, featuring an abundant range of beaches, striking landscapes, incredible pieces of architecture, fantastic nightlife and delightful culture, San Francisco has it all you need on a summer vacation. Regardless of being a prominent getaway option, the city remains quite a fabulous experience for those who love exploring unique sites, calm landmarks and love to take a stroll down the bustling roads filled with high-end brand outlets. So, if you are planning on a getaway that can offer you a big number of variations to indulge in the west coast, then San Francisco is the perfect option for you.

3. Orlando, Florida

The thriving theme park city of Florida, Orlando have never ceased to amaze people regardless of season, festivals or any other condition. With a wonderful array of parks based on themes, adventure, water activities, sports and other, Orlando makes a perfect place without any condition. No matter whether you are planning on a vacation with kids, family, friends, your girlfriend or any other person, this city has it all you need to remain indulged and have a fabulous getaway experience. Explore the delightful markets, incredible restaurants and thriving attractions covering a major part of the city and have an impeccable getaway experience in Florida.

4. Nassau, Bahamas

Those people who are done traveling on domestic routes and thinking to put their visas and passport into a good use, boarding flights to Bahamas will be the most astounding experience especially when the summer season is about to come and give you a spellbinding condition to have a soothing dip in the Caribbean Sea. The capital city of Bahamas, Nassau is among the most visited and desired getaway options in the country, offering a wide array of activities, attributes and features to explore and offer you one of the finest hospitality experiences you can have on destinations on the shores of the Caribbean Sea.

5. Boston, Massachusetts

If you have been thinking of having a summer vacation that can not only involve just the fun, but also some interactive education, then visiting Boston in Massachusetts is one of the finest options you can get. Featuring an abundant variety of museums and galleries related with science, history, art, culture and more, Boston makes a wonderful place for children as well as elders. Besides, the city has this amazing culture and remarkable coastal stretch which gives it a perfect look and feel of having a great summer holiday. Also, the marketplaces and food joints in the city gives it a remarkable image which is hard to resist. Summer season is also a time when you can easily find an opulent accommodation at lower prices whilst booking of flights to Boston can be easy on pockets.

Places like Yellowstone National Park, beaches of Miami, islands of Honolulu and more are often flocked by the tourists from across the world during the season of summer and give fewer experiences you were intended to have at first place. So, if you like to take the complete advantage of the summer season this year whilst paying less and enjoying more with less crowd and more opportunities, then all you have to do is find some of the most amazing off-beat getaway destinations to ensure a thriving and captivating getaway experience whilst saving a fortune by finding some cheap summer airfares.

Make the Most of Your Sea-Side Vacation: The Bahamas Trip in a Nutshell

The island of the Bahamas stretches across almost 500 miles along the shore of the Caribbean ocean like a beautifully scattered string of pearls. With a rich history behind each of its exquisite beaches, the Bahamas is home to some of the world’s most amazing marine life. A tropical paradise for visitors, the archipelago of the Bahamas is made up of more than 2,000 beautiful cays and islands. For those who are in need for a quick relaxing get-away from their maddeningly busy daily lives, the Bahamas is THE place to go! A Bahamas vacation will gift you with one of your life’s most rewarding vacations by rejuvenating your spirits with its unmatchable, exotic charm.

A Bahamas vacation offers plenty of fun opportunities for both indoor and outdoor-oriented people. Cruise & vacation trips to the Bahamas islands will provide an endless list of entertainment for everyone alike, regardless of their age. Get away from the hustle of cities and unwind under the stars on one of the panoramic pink sand beaches, dig your toes in the powdery sand and enjoy a bonfire by the beach or plan a sweet, sensual holiday with your partner and spend quality time on one of the Bahamas’ pristine, secluded beaches where the only footprints you see are of your own.

Surrounded by clear, turquoise waters on three sides, the islands of the Bahamas provide several activities for you to engage in, whether solo or in a group. Hop on a banana boat and go about exploring the islands’ astonishing marine life or choose snorkeling and dive into the sea to amuse yourself with the brilliantly colorful coral reefs and thousands of beautiful species of fishes. The hotels and resorts on the beach will offer you several casual water-sport activities to opt from. Be it jet-skiing, surfing, parasailing or skim-boarding; indulge the sports-addict in you as you splash into the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean.

Once you sign up for one of the cruise & vacation trips to the Bahamas, make sure not to miss out on some of these activities:

Special eco-tours on boats that will take you from one island to another.

A visit to the stunningly beautiful pink sand beaches.

A casual stroll through the Nassau and The Pirate museum.

A thrilling day at the famous Atlantis waterscape.

Sign up for a fun-filled Bahamas vacation and create memories that you can cherish all your life. Savor some spicy Bahamian cuisine topped with exotic spices, relax with a chilled bottle of local beer, go sailing with your family, enjoy the rocking nightlife or simply spend the night on the beach under the moon. Book your stay with one of the top hotels & resorts on the Bahamas and set off on a vacation of your lifetime.

Get Light and Colorfully Dressed for the Summer

Did you realize that food, clothes and shelter, the basic requisites of humans, are decided by the regional climate and culture, customs and beliefs? Now that the torpid heat of summer is fast descending, it is time to rethink the wardrobe and bring out the flimsy clothing. Though you wish you could, you cannot really wear tees and shorts for every occasion! Some formalities need to be observed, no matter what the weather.

Goodbye to the darker shades

In keeping with the riot of colorful flowers blooming everywhere, light and bright colors are in. Are men and boys going to wear those delicate shades of yellow and green, blue and orange? Yes, and why not? You certainly will not wear the darker shades and certainly not black. That might turn out to be dangerous with excessive heat and active, busy lifestyles out in them could result in a stroke. Don’t forget to keep sufficiently hydrated with a variety of liquids.

Put away those heavy costumes and boots

It is time for the dry-cleaned woolens to rest before they are back in action later after you have perspired for months. While you sweat it out now and take to ACs and coolers, it is a relief to get away from those heavy suits, the footwear, and the warm underclothing. While those late night parties in the cold were enjoyable, it is a different carefree attitude now. Let go for the moment and forget those stories of the homeless freezing to death on snowy nights after sleeping on the pavement.

Cotton and silks will do the trick

Whether shirts or trousers, kurta sets with waistcoats, casual or formal wear, cotton will see you through the summer. If you didn’t try it before, give it a splash of color like the spectrum that comes from the light. Office wear may be more subdued with grays and browns, though traditions are changing. Plain shades or printed designs are very much in vogue and elevate feelings, bringing pep and zing to the productivity.

Silks can attain an ocean of fantasy and strike the right note in cementing relationships or making a fashion statement. Were you thinking of the ornate parties on official occasions where you meet up with some very privileged guests? Don’t forget to put on your best manners and speak the right things.

Working out

Those sessions at the gym may require a change of attire. Tees and shorts should be good enough, but make sure that you possess several sets if gyms happen every day. The diehards will do it one way or the other.

An accessory range

Don’t forget the caps to keep the fiery sun at bay while footwear often speaks the right notes. Light shoes perhaps of the sandal type will let the feet breathe. Make sure that the bag you carry to the office or the club is suitably light. Keep enough copies of the underclothing to facilitate a daily change. Perfumes and roll-ons also need be those airy types that speak the language of the winds and the sails. Fly through the weeks and months one day at a time like you never did before, with all the light colors of the rainbow on board. Never make it a dull day.

Bed and Breakfast Getaway – What You Should Expect

Need to get away but sick and tired of the boring TV and bed only hotel rooms down the road? Whether you are going on your honeymoon or simply looking for a rejuvenating day off, then a bed and breakfast is definitely the place for you. They are best known for the excellent combo of scrumptious breakfasts and cozy bedrooms plus the extra friendly vibe and welcoming service.

Whenever you reserve a room, be sure to ask the staff for specifics and room features – the basics would be the room size and number of beds available. Sometimes when they say “single” on their ads, it may refer to either a single twin bed or could be a room with a double bed instead. The term “double” could differ from having two twin beds to a one double bed.

If you are meticulous about bathrooms, then definitely call for confirmations about their details. It is common to expect a bathroom that includes anything from a small closet with only a toilet, sink and a shower in one room. Some offer a separate bath and shower. Brief, historical footnote to this would be many of these bed and breakfast places are old homes that had no indoor plumbing when formerly built, so the bathroom were added later on wherever a space is available. Some offer shared baths in one common area. If you would want to avoid an awkward scenario with the other guests, it might be a worth paying a little extra to get a room with a bathroom to yourself.

Most places do not offer a television, telephone or even internet service in their rooms – which adds to the charm of these places, in fact. The customary arrangement is to have all these objects arranged in a social area for other guests to gather around. But then again, in the age of smart phones and mobile internet connections, it may not be an inconvenience to some. But originally, the concept is to allow opportunity for the guests to enjoy time together with each other and maybe socialize with the rest of the inn’s guests.

The most wonderful thing to expect in a bed and breakfast would be the wonderful food to greet you when you wake up early in the morning to start your day. Innkeepers pride themselves on serving delightful homemade meals. Before reserving a room, it is good to also make sure the place offers the kind of meals that you prefer. Make your time worthwhile by choosing the right places to stay in during your vacation.

The Perfect Getaway: Maui Vacations

Experience the perfect island getaway in Maui, Hawaii

Visiting a tropical island paradise is not as far-fetched as it may sound. Hawaii has been one of the top vacation destinations in the United States for decades. The island state is made up of more than one island, and Maui is a great hotspot for vacation goers. Whether you are the adventurous type who loves excitement or you simply wish to relax and recharge, Maui vacations are perfect for you.

One very popular experience that visitors shouldn’t miss is a luau. Luaus are outdoor celebrations complete with traditional dances, food, and music. Dancers typically perform in grass skirts, bikini tops (for the women), and flower necklaces known as leis. The feast typically features a Kalua pig that has been roasted for several hours in an imu (earth oven). Another traditional Hawaiian dish is called poi and is made from taro root. Salmon, poke, tropical fruits, and other native Hawaiian dishes can all be found at luau celebrations. Guests usually eat with their hands while sitting on the floor or ground.

Luaus can be found all over Maui. Most hotel resorts host luau feasts throughout the week. There are also other locations that may seem more traditional for guests looking for a real Hawaiian experience. Most luaus also serve alcoholic beverages, and some even have kid’s menus. Fire dancers are also a common sight at festive luau parties.

Maui vacations are well known for pristine beaches and wonderful water sports. Visitors can bask in the sun all day while enjoying a mai tai, or they can jump into the crystal blue waters for fun and excitement. Guests can experience the magnificent marine wildlife with snorkeling adventures in multiple locations.

Molokini crater is famous for its resident sea turtles. This volcanic crater is shaped like a crescent moon and is great for beginners to underwater activities. Another wonderful snorkeling location is Lanai, which is known for its friendly dolphin population. Lanai hosts a beautiful coral reef that attracts a multitude of marine wildlife for snorkelers to view.

For vacationers who wish to dive deeper, Lahaina Harbor just off the coast of Maui offers an amazing underwater submarine adventure. This trip into the deep blue sea dives down to approximately 100 feet. Guests have the opportunity to see underwater sites that not many others have viewed.

Maui vacations also offers great excursions for visitors who wish to stay above the water. Guests can enjoy delicious dinners on nighttime cruises or even go parasailing during the day. Lahaina Harbor has so many activities, everyone can find what they are looking for.

Haleakala National Park is another wonderful location to explore. Visitors can enjoy a pleasant bike ride to see the volcano at sunrise. It’s a magnificent sight to see. Haleakala is the world’s largest dormant volcano, standing at a whopping 10,023 feet high. The park is home to a vast array of plants and wildlife that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. Hiking tours will take guests to visit Haleakala’s rainforest and waterfalls. The guided tour takes visitors 2.5 miles to the trailhead. Guests may take the time to go for a swim in the famous pools before heading back. For those who prefer to see the rainforest and volcano from above, helicopter tours of Haleakala are also available.

Hana Town, or Heavenly Town, also has much to offer. Visitors can enjoy a 68-mile tour of the “Magic Isle” region of Maui. The coastal roads give the most spectacular views of the beaches. Guests can also visit the Seven Sacred Pools in the town of Paia. This small, quiet town is home to the Ho’okipa Beach and was once a sugar plantation. Nowadays, tourists flock to Paia for some of the world’s best windsurfing.

The Kaumahina State Park is also near Paia and hosts beautiful eucalyptus groves, roadside fruit stands, and bamboo jungles to explore. Visitors can take a look at Keane Valley by stopping at Keanae Lookout. This location is famous for its phenomenal views of the valley.

Family Vacation Destinations To Visit On Your Next Getaway

For people around the world that have to deal with either a demanding work life or even just really awful weather, there is nothing they look forward to more than going on vacation. As the time gets closer to break out, you and your loved ones start putting together a list of potential family vacation destinations in the hopes that no matter where you actually go, everyone will find their own personal oasis.

The toughest part of choosing where to go on vacation with your family is narrowing it down to one location somewhere on the planet. Once you’ve gotten past the areas of the world that are either inhabitable or out of your budget, you still have whole areas of Earth to choose from. It can be a daunting task, and when you travel with family, there can be other considerations so that all parties involved in the trip are happy.

In the event that you’re looking to start your own family vacation planning, here are a few destinations to add to the mix:

Carson National Forest – Carson National Forest is one of five National Forests in New Mexico and covers over 1,000,000 acres and has its highest peak hit heights over 13,000 feet! The weather in the area allows for people to enjoy the entire year, which is great for those looking to vacation but aren’t sure if they can take time off during what would be nicer weather times of year. Visitors can enjoy great activities such as fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, and, of course, skiing and snowboarding.

Taos – One of the most interesting places in the United States, Taos has earned a reputation for being one of the greatest places to ski anywhere in the world, and that’s saying something! However, residents of Taos, as well as visitors, can tell you that there is more to see and experience than just skiing and snowboarding. You are, of course, able to explore the legendary Rocky Mountains, one of the many beautiful landscapes you will encounter. The town also boasts one of the most vibrant art scenes in the country. Taos is also an amazing place to explore for those interested in the original inhabitants of the area, the Pueblo tribes. An area as rich with culture as Taos is, it is no wonder that the area has one of the most impressive tourism statistic anywhere.

Angel Fire – If there is one thing to say about Angel Fire, it’s that there is actually something for everyone throughout the year. Given the usual reputation for Angel Fire to be more of a skiing destination, Angle Fire has made a place for itself during every season of the year. Temperate weather during both the colder and hotter times of the year, great sunshine and clear skies for stargazers, tremendous spring blooming, and an actual Autumn make for one of the nicest places to simply get away from it all. What’s nice is that while ski resorts are very much a part of life in the area, Angle Fire prides itself as being more small town than resort area, something that certainly bodes well visitors. With the Rockies surrounding the town with over 11,000 feet of mountain heights, you’ll really get a true sense of the word ‘getaway’.

Family vacation destinations should be about one thing – family. It can be really easy to get caught up in the minutiae of everyday life, and this is certainly the case when planning a getaway of any kind. It’s always important to never lose focus on spending time with each other & cherishing the little moments that make any family vacation memorable.

The Rise of Staycations in the Wake of High Fuel Costs

In the past, loading up the entire family for a road trip for a vacation was a much anticipated annual ritual. With the astronomical prices of gas, many people are forgoing the trend of taking an annual vacation, and opting for a “staycation” instead. As the name suggests, staycations are vacations that are close to home and don’t require extensive travel. According to the Automobile Association of America rising fuel costs have encouraged travelers to stay off the road and enjoy their family vacations close to home. This trend has peaked in the wake of high fuel costs and the struggling economy and shows no signs of stopping.

High gas prices may prove a boost for staycations, even when gas prices eventually return to normal. Many families are discovering attractions and events close to home and becoming tourists in their own home cities. Some popular staycation activities include visits to local theme parks or water parks, local festivals or museums. Many families simulate camping trips by pitching tents in their own backyards. Staycations saw a rise in popularity shortly after the economic collapse of 2007, when families started tightening the belt and cutting luxuries out of the family budget. Traveling close to home has become the new “in-thing” amongst families looking to cut costs without cutting the fun.

Staycations prove an affordable solution to costly road travel. A family of four can save thousands of dollars in travel expenses such as airfare, hotel rooms, dining out and activities. No longer will they pay a premium for high season travel or feel the bite when they stop to fill up on their long road trips. Many local businesses are getting in on the act, catering to the needs of the budget minded family that enjoys a staycation. Retailers stock up on pool accessories, barbecue grills and camping supplies in anticipation of the staycation season.

Families must take care to treat their staycation just as they would a traditional “away-from-home” vacation. Many people who stay close to home on vacation find themselves checking email, returning phone calls, going in to the office and catching up on household chores during their staycations. Setting clear cut boundaries and formulating a schedule ahead of time eliminates the temptation to engage in work while on staycation.

With the increase in popularity of the staycation, many retailers see cash-strapped travelers as a goldmine. Some resorts, theme parks and amusement activities have started charging higher prices to capitalize on the increased numbers of families enjoying their staycations close to home. To avoid being overcharged, staycationers have to create and stick to a budget, just as they would on a traditional vacation.

High gas prices may prove a boost for staycations indefinitely. Just as high gas prices encouraged drivers to buy smaller cars, drive less, take public transportation and carpool, many will see staycations as a permanent ritual. The annual vacation has taken on a new face, and families are enjoying the benefits of time together without breaking the bank.

Calming Krabi – The Perfect Getaway for Honeymooners!

Located in the southern part of Thailand the island of Krabi is probably one of the most romantic places on earth. If you are planning your honeymoon lately, then it can be a perfect getaway for the two of you to spend some quality time alone in the lap of nature, relax and rejuvenate. The picturesque island of Krabi is a combination of rolling mountains and aqua blue ocean. The lush green vegetation, idyllic islets and the limestone cliffs makes the place ideal for honeymooners or love birds who just want to be tucked away from the rest of the world for a few days.

How to get there?

Reaching Krabi is simple. You can connect via buses or planes. Regular flights ply from Bangkok to Krabi International Airport which is located 15 kilometres away from the city centre. Booking your tickets beforehand will fetch you a good price. Buses from all over Thailand ply to Krabi. AC coaches as well as Non AC coaches are available every day. If you are travelling from Bangkok then it will take around 12 hours to reach the island. Packages of bus and boat are available from Koh Samui as well.

Places to visit…

Now that you are on your honeymoon, you would want to make it as romantic as possible for your beloved. Krabi offers you a lot and much more to cherish, relish and enjoy the most intimate moments of your life. So here are the five most exotic places that you must visit while you are honeymooning in this beautiful archipelago.

1. Railey Beach – Also known as Rai Leh the beach forms a peninsula between Krabi and Ao Nang. Traditional boats are available to get to the beach.

2. Viking Cave at Phi Phi Islands – The Cave at the Phi Phi Island got its name from the various illustrations and paintings of European vessels and ships. This picturesque island is a must visit for everyone.

3. Maya Bay – The place where the famous film “The Beach” was shot. The extremely scenic paradise is located in the Phi Phi Island. The breathtakingly blue sea will enchant you forever.

4. Phra Nang Beach – Located in the island of Ao Nang, the Phra Nang Beach is one of those spectacular places where you get to see limestone cliffs growing out of the sea. The aqua blue water along with the limestone cliffs makes it look just like a picture from the fairy tale book.

5. Tup Island – This is also an archipelago in the Ao Nang island. Honeymooners would love the serene and pristine beach with very few people around. You can try a lazy swim or snorkelling in the sea here.

Things to do…

Since Krabi is comprised of many islands and beaches you are sure to get the best water sports and adventures here. Snorkelling is one of the most popular adventures as the clear water of the sea facilitates in increasing the visibility of the rich marine life beneath the waters. Apart from that you can try boat rides, diving, speed boat ride and even camping in the nearby forest. Eat the local cuisine, shop for the local handicrafts and play on the beach – that is what Krabi is for its visitors. So when you are planning your honeymoon, make sure to take your best beach wear, shades and lots of sun screens or tanning lotion.

Top 5 Benefits of Travelling

Exploring new and different places always ends up with great memories and stories to be remembered later in life. Also, when you get to meet new people, you are able to understand the human psychology in a better way.

It has also been proved that travelling improves one’s overall health and refreshes the mood. Take a break from your hectic and mundane life schedules, and go out for some time to be spent in the lap of nature, or anywhere you have always wanted to go. You never know what life has in store for you.

Various benefits of travelling are given below.

1. Real-life Education

One always get to meet new people and explore new places while on a trip, and this provides you with new information and education, which you can never get at traditional schools. Schools never provide us with the real-life experiences. You will get to know about different cultures and societies and their way of living by travelling. Overall everything new is served you.

2. Improves Social and Communication Skills

If you are an introvert person, travelling can help you in improving your personality. You will meet different types of people, of different regions and religions, and you have to communicate with them. This will help in improving your social skills to a great extent.

3. Get to Know Yourself Better

By travelling alone or with friends or family, you might get yourself stuck in difficult situations and they are always new to you. But, you will find a way to solve them with your capabilities. In such a situation, you get to explore yourself and meet the inner you.

As it is always said that you can never know what you can till you try. So, try some new places with new adventures and let your inner-self get explored.

4. Travel Sharpens the Mind

While travelling to new places, you get to do new things, all unfamiliar to you, like reading foreign languages, trying new things, making quick decisions, and altering your new eating and sleeping schedules.

Everything from your regular life gets changed for that particular period of time. Your brain even welcomes that change. Once you return home, you’ll be sharper than ever and will better organize and spruce up your daily routine.

5. A positive Shift in Perspective

Nobody comes back in the same way they started their journey. Being exposed to new people and cultures will greatly shift you to a healthier perspective.

You’ll always return back with renewed energy, a new set of mental filters that are ready to take on the next big project or challenge. You will be proud of yourself that you explored a new place and successfully completed it by tackling all the hurdles in your way.

Getting away for some time will greatly upgrade your skills and attitude towards everything. You will feel positive towards people.

Even though it requires a great effort to take a break from the hectic schedules of life as after you will come, the work for those days will surely get piled up. But, your productivity will increase that will help you to complete all the work in much less time than before.

Breaking up the monotony for a while proves to be a considerable way to reduce stress and fill in some excitement in the life. And, once you come back, you will not be able to stop yourself from planning out the next one.

Bed And Breakfast Inns – For a Perfect Honeymoon or Weekend Getaway Stay!

Whether you are going on your honeymoon or simply looking for a romantic getaway, or wish to be spoiled and felt cared for, a bed and breakfast inn is definitely a place you should stay. These inns offer a more personal touch than the standard hotels and motels. They are known for their excellent breakfasts and one on one service. I've been all across the United States and I've stayed at bed and breakfasts from the Napa Valley to the Ozarks in Missouri, and I've yet to be disappointed. Some were small, having only one or two rooms, while others were much larger. But the one thing they all had in common was the warm and friendly service from staff who tried to get to know me and make my stay an enjoyable and pleasant experience.

What You Should Expect

When reserving a room with the staff, be sure to ask for specifics about the room size and number of beds. Sometimes a "single" may refer to a single twin bed, or it might be a room which has one double bed. The term "double" may refer to a room with two twin beds or one double bed.

The bathrooms could include anything from a small closet with only a toilet, sink and shower to two rooms having a separate bath and shower. The reason for the times odd configurations is because of the fact that many of these inns are old homes that had no indoor plumbing when originally built, and the bathrooms were later added where space could be found. Some inns have shared baths in one common area. If you would rather not share a bathroom with other guests, it might be worth paying the small extra fee to reserve a room with its own bathroom.

Most traditional inns will not have a television or telephone in the rooms. Most will have these objects in public areas for all guests to use. But in the age of smart phones and laptop computers this may not be such an inconvenience to people as it once may have been.

Fantastic Food

You will find that the food is one of the greatest benefits of staying at a bed & breakfast. You can expect to receive the freshest of everything including the eggs, muffins, and fruit. These innkeepers pride themselves on serving the freshest home made meals. Before you reserve your room, make sure the inn offers exactly the kind of meal you prefer, whether it be a continental breakfast (coffee, cereal, toast, pastries), or a fully served breakfast including things like eggs, bacon, pancakes or french toast.

Other Things To Consider

Payment Accepted: Most inns will accept most major credit cards and cash. They may not accept all credit cards or checks though, so be sure to ask ahead.

Cancellations and deposits: Some inns will require at first night's deposit. If you cancel the reservation before your stay you may lose the deposit. Be sure to ask about these policies when reserving your room.

Length of visit: Many inns will require that you book more than one night on weekends.

Children as guests: Most inns only prefer older children to stay as they are usually more quiet than the youngger ones. Again, ask about any age restrictions the bed and breakfasts may have.

Smoking: A lot of bed and breakfasts have a no smoking policy and will even charge your credit card for cleaning fees if any smoking is discovered in the room or on the premises.

Pets: Although some inns will welcome small well-behaved pets, they usually will not. Call around for pet friendly B & B's.

A bed and breakfast can provide accommodations that will give a personal and truly unique travel experience with a touch of hometown flavor. These cozy and charming bed and breakfast inns or an excellent choice for a getaway or business trip.