Women Can Now Get White Teeth at Home – Cheaper With the Same Results!

Would you like to have whiter and brighter teeth? There is now an easy way to whiten your teeth. You do not even have to go to your dentist's.

When you are little your teeth are naturally white and shiny. It does not matter how much sugary soda you drink or how much sugary junk food you consume them stay white. You can even get away with not brushing your teeth very often. However if you carry on doing this when you are older the enamel on your teeth gets worn away and your teeth turn an ugly yellow color. Having yellow teeth can make you feel less attractive and confident.

You used to have to go to the dentist if you wanted whiter teeth. However now there is an easier more convenient way of whitening your teeth. In fact, you can now whiten your teeth from your own home using new home teeth whitening kits. These kits are a lot cheaper than the treatment you get from the dentist. You can even often get free samples of teeth whitening products from the companies that make them.

Home teeth whitening kits are simple to apply; you do not need to use annoying teeth whitening strips or tooth trays. Rathermore they are totally safe to use.

Getting your childhood white smile back is easy. You'll feel sexy and confident, and your teeth will look healthier.

If you want whiter teeth today at a cheap price, get hold of one of these free teeth-whitening kits.

Before You Ask "How Do I Get My Ex Back" Read These 3 Things!

If you have just gone through a break up and want to get back together with your ex there are a few important things you would do well to remember. I’ll lay out these things first and then I’ll explain them together more fully in closing.

1. The first thing is something that people going through a break up (actually in most life situations) never seem to grasp. It is this: you cannot, nor will you ever be able to control what others do or feel…period. This applies to all human beings, male and female, and in all situations. Sounds simple enough, but it’s amazing how often we think we can convince or force another person into doing something against their will, and how dismal the results usually are. So, stop trying to cajole or control your ex, it might work temporarily, but it won’t work in the long run.

2. The second thing to learn is that you should focus on what you DO have control over…YOU! As stated in the first example: only you can control your own actions and feelings, no one else. Again, it sounds simple, but it seems that we all keep trying to get other people to do what we want them to instead of simply directing our own actions toward a specific goal.

3. The third point is the most difficult to accept and to accomplish…Let Your Ex Go! If your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband wants to go then let them do so. You cannot talk someone into loving or staying with you if they really want to go, this will just make them try to get away even faster. Letting them go is really your only chance at getting the ex back in the near future. You must keep reminding yourself “I have to let them go for now if I really want them to come back to me. This is the only way that I can get my ex back”. Tell yourself this over and over, especially each time you feel yourself trying to stop the ex from leaving you or talk them into coming back with you. Don’t despair though and remember this is only temporary; your ex will come back to you if you play your cards right.

Now, to wrap it all up. You and your ex most likely came together because you both wanted to at the time. This happened because you were both attracted to each other and enjoyed being around each other. If your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend has decided to leave the relationship it is because they WANT to. I don’t care what reasons they give for breaking up, they are really doing it because they WANT to breakup. I know it hurts to think that your ex doesn’t want you anymore, but you are simply going to have to accept this fact for now. Nothing you SAY to them will make them want to stay with you. Only BEING what they want will make them want you again. You might be able to talk them into getting back together with you, but if they do so, they won’t be happy and it will only be done out of sympathy for you not desire for you. That’s not what you need; you need your ex to WANT to get back together with you.

So, how do you make them want you again? Well, by being the type of person that people WANT to be with. People don’t like or respect those that are whiny, angry, depressed, etc. All of us are attracted to those that respect themselves, those that hold their heads up high, those that are self-reliant, those that don’t act petty and childish, and of course those that are physically attractive. All of these things are under your control and that is what I meant in the second point above. Making yourself into what is attractive to your ex is completely under your control. So, get to work on improving your mental and physical well-being.

As far as the third point goes, this is just to give you time to revamp yourself and your ex time to start missing you. Your ex isn’t going to miss you if you are crying and whining to him or her. Nor are they going to miss you if you are always available. They need to feel as though they have lost you forever. So, make it seem as if you’ve moved on and that you’re happy about it.

After these things are done then, and only then, you can focus on reestablishing contact with the ex and begin seeing each other again. How to go about this gets a little more complicated and involved depending on your specific situation. However, there are many books available that go into the details once you get to this stage. Here are two of the best How to get your ex back programs available. Either one of them will set you on the right path to get your ex back.

Size Really Does Matter In Training Dogs

We've all experienced it, that instant "aww" factor when you see an adorable puppy. Bonham is a German Shepherd puppy and you could not resist taking him home with you. When you saw Bonham's face it was love at first site; his puppy fluff engulfing his face, cave him the appearance of a brown dust bunny.

When dogs are puppies people can not get enough of them. We love stroking their puppy fur and have no problem approaching them and nuzzling our faces against their warm puppy bellies. Now that Bonham is full grown he no longer attracts attention from people who meet him. His large stature and strong German Shepherd features lead people to believe that he is wicked. Mothers grab their children close when Bonham trots down the street wagging his bushy tail. Under this rough exterior however lurks the heart of a lover.

You were smart and took Bonham to simple puppy training when he was young, leaving him a very well behaved pooch. He now has no problem being around children, babies, cats or even other dogs, it's people that seem to have the problem with him. In today's society people have a tendency to take things at face value. This is very frustrating when your sister's Yorkie Shelby receives all the adulation when in fact she's the wicked one. Shelby proves that evil things can also come in small packages.

Shelby is a little dog with a nasty disposition. Under the angelic mask of her Yorkie face is one of the meanest dogs one would ever have the displeasure of meeting. Shelby spends her days as a pampered lap dog who barks and snaps at anyone who looks at her the wrong way. Yes, this is a dog we're talking about.

She clearly has an attitude problem yet people seem drawn to her cuteness factor. They constantly fawn over her adorable fuzzy face only to be satisfied by the quick snap of her jaws. Shelby was never trained because she was small and easily maneuverable. For years people continued to buy into the fact that smaller dogs do not need training because lets be honest, most are purchased because of their cute pint sized bodies and inherent ability to fit in a trendy handbag. Buying into the fallacy that small dogs can be controlled by the confines of such a handbag results in a very ill mannered pooch. But who cares? She's so cute, right? Wrong, the cuteness factor should never outweigh a dog's nasty behavior.

Too Big to Ignore
It's a reality that a smaller dog's bad behavior is easier to ignore than that of larger dogs like Bonham. The fact that Shelby constantly snaps at people is seen as cute or not that big of a deal. If Bonham snaps at someone though, you could have a lawsuit on your hands. For Shelby, her bark is usually worse than her bite. However, this is not so in the case of a German Shepherd. It's obvious that smaller dogs are able to get away with their bad behavior more than their larger counterparts. Bad behaviors such as jumping up on someone, growling or barking at other dogs seems less menacing coming from a 5-pound Yorkie than an an 80-pound German Shepherd. Still bad behavior from a pet is never OK, no matter the size.

Refusing to send small dogs to a trainer allows them to develop habits like biting young children, defecating where they please and being an overall ill-mannered, overprotective nuisance. Because small dogs are often not trained, many gain the reputation for being loud obnoxious yapers who might bite at you if you get too close. In essence small pet owners are perpetuating this yapper stereotype by neglecting to train their dogs.

If This Sounds Like You
If you own a dog, regardless of size, he or she must get trained. It's not cute when dogs bite and whether the teeth are small or large, they can hurt. Even if your "Shelby" never bites someone, there are myriad other extremely unattractive behaviors that are the consequence of not training that even you will not want to live with. Hey, maybe you have a sibling like Bonham's owner who would be happy to share how Bonham became such a well-mannered dog.

May I Or Can I Send You an Email?

There is a real difference between “May I send you an email?” and “Can I send you an email.” And I’m not just talking about which question to ask your prospective subscriber.

In case you’re wondering now that I’ve mentioned it, WordTask defines “may” as expressing permission or possibility, while “can” expresses ability.

In email marketing, the first question…”May I send you an email?” is the essential question you’re asking your prospective subscriber when getting permission to send her an email. This is where you need to be really clear about what you’re asking permission to send, and she needs to be really clear about what she’s giving you permission to send.

The “Can I send you an email” is an entirely different story. Your ability to actually deliver the email is, however, is still a bit of permission. Not so much the asking permission…the “May I?” because there’s really no one to ask permission of…but the finding out through testing whether you can actually get the email to move all the way from your “out basket” to your intended recipient’s “in basket.”

This is the more technical side of email marketing, and it can be much trickier.

The “can” for email marketing consists of whether your prospective subscriber has the right kind of software to receive your email in the format you’ve designed it…and…(the part about finding out if you got permission without saying “Mother may I?”) is whether you can (have the ability to) get your content and layout to pass through the permission police of the numerous spam filters currently used by Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) as well as any additional filters added by your prospective subscriber.

The first part of the “Can…” in terms of whether your subscriber can actually read what you send is getting somewhat easier, as computer operating systems and software upgrades now permit most email users to read HTML, PDF and text. However, it’s certainly not 100%, so part of your “May I send you emails?” questionnaire is “In what format would you like to receive your emails?” so you will know what she can read on her computer, as well as what she may prefer.

The second part of “Can I” (your ability to physically get the email delivered) also involves an action on her part and that is…she must “whitelist” you…or add you to her acceptable contacts list, as well as confirm the opt-in, so that your emails won’t automatically be sent to her “junk mail. “

Now that you’ve gotten that far, the last barrier on the “Can you get the email through” is the most difficult…and quite frankly, may best be left to the experts. Especially if you’re quickly developing a large email list. The experts at getting past the spam filters are email marketing services, who act as your agent, have developed a “relationship” with the ISP’s. They know and understand what words, phrases, graphics, and other testing criteria may cause your messages to be considered “spam, ” and cause them to be blocked before they can be received.

At Toptenreviews.com, you can see that the three highest ranked email marketing services are Icontact, Benchmark, and ConstantContact. They are not the only email marketing companies that you might consider, but using someone in this field can make a significant difference in whether your email message can get through to the intended recipient’s inbox.

There you have it. Once you have permission, you may send the email. And, once you understand the formats and filters, (and probably obtained a little professional assistance) you can get your emails into the proper inbox.

FR44 Insurance in Florida: Common Questions With Complete Answers

When did the Florida FR44 insurance filing become effective? What are the requirements needed for one? Which type of policies qualify for compliance?

As of October 1, 2007, a person convicted of DUI in Florida is required to maintain increased limits of vehicle accident liability coverage. The minimum amounts are $100,000 per person, $300,000 per accident of Bodily Injury Liability and $50,000 of Property Damage Liability. A single combined limit of $300,000 is also acceptable. The liability must be provided by a Florida policy. This may be a car insurance policy or an operator’s one where there is no vehicle to insure. One that insures a vehicle with less than 4 wheels does not qualify because this type does not include Personal Injury Protection coverage (PIP).

The flexibility to comply with a variety of policy types, and as policyholder or additional driver, enables the convicted driver to secure a well suited one. For example, a youthful operator will often find a lower rate as an additional driver on their parents policy. In the past, another good option was insuring a scooter which might have been as little as $100.00 for the entire year. Unfortunately, Florida no longer allows a filing with this type.

Do all drivers with a Florida DUI require FR44 insurance? How long does the requirement remain in effect?

To clear a FR44 DUI case number for license reinstatement, a driver, receiving the infraction prior to November 1st 2014, is required to provide proof that increased vehicle liability insurance in the amount of 100/300/50k was in effect at the time of the offense date or they must purchase a FR44 policy for three years from the original suspension date. After November 1st 2014 all drivers convicted of a DUI will be required to purchase and maintain a FR44 policy, which cannot be cancelled, for three years from the reinstatement date of the DUI.

When can I reinstate my license after I purchase a policy? How is the Florida DMV notified that my FR44 requirement has been satisfied? Can I receive the FR44 certificate at point of sale?

The FR44 form (certificate), is submitted by the company to Florida’s Bureau of Financial Responsibility. As required by law, they are transmitted electronically within 15 days after beginning. Companies typically transmit to the bureau at point of sale, and the DMV database will update within 24 to 48 hours allowing for license reinstatement.

Some companies, will generate a “hard copy” certificate at point of sale which can then be combined with proof of insurance and faxed to a local DMV office, from the agency or company with an identifying cover page. This is the fastest way a convicted driver can have their license reinstated.

Since companies electronically send the FR44 certificate to the State, it takes a special request to have one issued directly to the policyholder. It is usually typed, and then faxed or emailed, and typically takes up to 2 hours to get done. If you are in a hurry, find out before you buy, or even before you get a rate quote, if a certificate would be immediately available.

How much will this cost? What is the least expensive way?Is there a filing fee and reinstatement fee in addition?

There is a $25.00 filing fee for everyone. A license reinstatement fee is required for drivers that did not have increased liability limits of 100/300/50k on their policy at the time of the DUI. However, the overall cost is determined by a host of variables that are unique to each person including location, age, history, vehicle type etc. Usually, the least expensive way to secure a FR44 insurance policy is with an operators or non-owners policy which does not include a vehicle. This type of policy is not available to drivers, who have access to a vehicle, or that require an interlock device.

Can I cancel? Is the insurance company allowed to cancel? If I cancel can I replace it with another one?

As of May 4th 2012 all policies with a Florida FR44 filing are not allowed to be cancelled. Companies may only cancel during the first 30 days while determining eligibility. Naturally, there are many legitimate reasons for cancelling a policy such as, moving to another state, selling your vehicle, getting married, etc., and there is a way to cancel these policies. An endorsement to remove the FR44 filing from an existing policy can be submitted, and then that policy can be cancelled. Keep in mind that if the FR44 requirement is still in effect, the cancelled policy must be replaced or the driver license will be suspended. When canceling, you may be asked to provide a recorded sworn statement indicating your reason and how you intend to continue compliance. Naturally, when your compliance period ends during the policy period, all the restrictions may be removed from that policy.

Can I get a monthly payment plan? Does the State of Florida require full payment? Can I have more than one policy?

Because they cannot be cancelled, companies will require payment in full. Unlike the canceling provision, requiring payment in full is not a state mandate. Since companies are not at liberty to cancel a policy for non-payment, they generally will not offer payment plans. However, there are a few, in limited circumstances, that will allow a payment plan. One recently began to offer installment payment plans for all their renewing policies. Keep in mind companies provide a substantial discount when paying in full and the FR44 requirement does not eliminate that discount. There can only be one filing per driver, however, a driver can have more than one policy and this creates additional flexibility.

When will my FR44 requirement no longer be needed? How can I contact the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles?

The best way to find out is to contact the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles and have them tell you the exact date your requirement ends. I recommend contacting them by email at https://www3.flhsmv.gov/DDL/CQS/ so you have their response in writing. When you are within 60 days of ending the requirement you may carry the 100/300/50 liability without having to actually file and you will be considered in compliance. This option can be particularly helpful when starting a new policy as payment plans, driver exclusions, and all other options can be exercised.

The Ultimate Sales Letter

A sales letter is a form of business letter that aims to convince the recipient to buy a product or a service. In other words, a sales letter is a communication tool that symbols the sales talk a marketer should do call prospect customers to action.

Throughout the years, businesses all over the world have been feeling the impact of intense competition. Many companies are formed every month all across the globe, especially in the ever-expanding Internet, where it is estimated that a start up firm is established every hour.

Thus, companies are swooning and are literally battling it all out to get customers. If a company fails to come up with an effective marketing strategy, it would be terminated because competitors would actually strip it off of business.

The rising competition across all industries is extremely benefiting the consumers. Because there is an influx of companies, people can choose which one best suits their needs and offers the best products at the most reasonable prices.

If a company has a good brand, high quality standards and novice purposes, it should get to the intended consumers. But given the very intense competition scene today, it must first struggle to attract the prospective clients' attention.

It is in this need that the popularity of the sales letter is becoming inevitably sound. There are lots of tried and tested marketing and advertising schemes, but still, many companies are not satisfied with results so they hire personnel to compose and distribute sales letters.

The purpose of sales letters

The ultimate sales letter is the one that is attaining its purpose. And every sales letter has generally a single purpose. That is: to persuade people to buy a product or a service.

Purposely, sales letters should use the most effective words and sentences to create a good and lasting impression to the reader, who is considered a prospective client. Turning that prospect into reality would not be a hard challenge if the sales letter would only stick to the basic and necessary elements of an effective sales letter.

For one, an ultimate sales letter should aim to be direct to the point. It should directly address the recipient into buying the product. The letter should not be wordy, but should not be too bossy, however. Because the letter is convincing people, not commanding them, politeness should never be neglected.

A good sales letter also observes the proper technical format. Sales letters are categorized under the business letter group so it should strive to look like any formal business letter. However, studies and polls indicate that effective sales letters do not come with company logos because people would easily be turned off and opt to neglect the letter if the first thing they would see is the logo.

Consumer groups and experts assert that effective sales letters offer readers benefits to a product being offered. There are so many competitive products in the market and almost all of them are similar in many ways. However, consumers want to know the advantage of buying one product brand over buying the competitor.

Good sales letters are also not very wordy. They should be short and should be completely read within a few seconds or about one to two minutes. It is assumed that readers are also busy people who need to attend to other more important things, so absorbing information from letters should be as quick as possible.

Distribution of sales letters

Of course, after crafting a good sales letter, the company's next concern would be how the letter would reach the intended readers. There are many ways how letters are dispatched nowdays. You can still rely on the snail mail, but alternatives are also equally reliable.

Nowadays, most marketers send sales letters through emails. That is because people now find direct or snail mail obsolete. Emails are also easily dispatched, are less cost and could reach the recipients clearly and quickly. It would take seconds before emails are sent.

Sales letters could also be posted at print ads in newspapers, brochures and other ad events. Sales letters communicated through these media should be written addressing the general public, though, the personal element should still be observed.

The ultimate sales letter clearly produces ultimate results. What you reap is what you sow. If you crafted a good and effective sales letter, then, you would certainly get intended results instantly.

Did He Break Up With You?

This article will show you how to deal with break up. You will learn a lot from this and hopefully be strong enough to live your life. For the next one week I am going to write articles about break ups and aftermath of it. I have already posted an article similar to this one few months ago, but this time I would really like to go over detailed steps and things that you need to do after break up occurs. Break ups are unexpected and surprising. You can have the person break up with you in person, over the phone or the new kind of break up-usually done over text messenger and finally a break up that is really low class, such as: not telling the person about the break up at all. They just disappear into the blue moon. They would shut off contact without giving any kind of valid reasons.

Here is a suggestion to those that do feel like they need to break up with their partner. Tell it to them in person. Do not use any of those other methods that I have described above. If communication failed between both of you and the only solution is to break up and you feel like there is no way both of you could be together, then say it in person. Without of course you do not feel safe doing that, then I suggest you break the news over the phone (with a recording tape around you in case you feel like he might make any threats over the phone).

There is also another kind of break up. When both people have had enough of each other, they usually break up on good terms for a period of month to few months. The common goal essentially would be to reunite on new terms and fresh start together. Usually both partners have learned from their past mistakes and ready to take on a new challenge and fresh start to a beautiful relationship. I will go over this in detail in my next article. For now will continue with a break up process.

– After break up, analyze the situation. You may realize that it may not be entirely your fault or not your fault at all. If you feel like that break up happened because of something that you did wrong then try to avoid repeating same mistake in your new relationship and believe me, there is always some one else who will probably treat you even better then your other partner.

–Accept your pain. Cry if you have it. It is normal.

–Your partner may offer for you to be friends after break up. Here is a fact: 90 percent of them do not even mean it or have no intention to be friends after break up. My personal suggestion is do not agree to being friends. Instead what you need to do is to completely block off all the contact from him. Do not answer his phone calls, or email, or text message, do not under any circumstances see him or worse have sexual intercourse with him.

–Control your hate for him. Anger level may depend on break up. If it was a really bad break up, you might have very high level of hate towards him. You may feel resentment towards your ex boyfriend for wasting your personal time or any other reasons associated with break up. Here is my suggestion.

–Get over it and fast. At this point you have no control of the situation and the longer you have hate inside of you the longer you will suffer emotionally. You are better than that. You do not deserve to be unhappy. In the end, he probably does not deserve you anyway. There are hundreds of other men lined up wanting to be with you. You just need to pick and choose.

–Talk with your friends and family members. This is very powerful way of getting away from all the negativity of break up. Go out to the parties and clubs with your friends. Enjoy and socialize.

– Break up means new beginning. New life. Make the best of it. Move on. I know it is not easy as said as i make it in this blog but believe me, you need to move on. It was not your fault and even if it was it does not 'matter. Move on and find new love.

–Find happiness in what you have greatest passion for. If you love to sing, then every day sing your favorite tunes. Do what you love doing best and that you have passion for. It is very powerful way of getting your mind off this break up.

– Do not jump right away into new relationship. Do not try to have sex right away with other men. This will not solve anything. Take a break from relationships. Period. Instead enjoy time with your friends, family and do things that you have passion for.

–Remember the phrase "what does not kill you, makes you stronger", or "Everything happens for a reason". When you are going through difficulty and break up, you are actually one step closer to a true happiness because you are getting to know the true inner self.

–Get a pet. Cute small puppy or a kitten will do just fine.

–Go to movies with your friends and watch a comedy. Laughter is the best medicine for any kind of illness or heartbreak.

Why Be an Instructor in Ski Vacation Destinations

Most ski vacation destinations offer a wide variety of job positions to fill their overall staff. Some may suit well as a member of a restaurant crew, with particular coveted jobs as pastry or sous chef. Others also wish to be in a security team as either ground ski patrollers or bird’s eye surveillance pilots riding helicopters. There are also individuals who prefer to be maintenance specialist, in charge of monitoring weather control systems and utilities at the onset of a terrible blizzard. But there is also a very good reason for choosing ski instructors. There are the advantages of being a ski instructor:

Professional decorum

Many ski athletes can aspire to be professional sports icons. One can always covet the life of a VIP with generous amounts of prestige and capital riding down with one’s personality and skill. The only problem with being a sports icon is that getting too famous and getting little attention are both bad for business. Popular icons can get into a lot of controversy and you can’t walk around public without receiving awkward attention from strangers.

As a ski instructor, however, nobody questions your skill and you are virtually identified with the same level of skill as superstar skiers. However famous you may get for being an awesome instructor to guests, it won’t be as uncomfortable as having your personal space invaded. You get respect from clients without suffering grave stigma if some aspects of your personality do not meet idealistic expectations.

Paid to make friends

Another great advantage of being a ski instructor is that your profession rides on how you deal with strangers. Being able to establish excellent rapport on short notice allows you to create an ideal learning atmosphere mostly conducive for developing a faster learning. Your awesome services may become an integral part of the best-selling ski vacation package featured in ads. Being a brilliant ski instructor is not only an advantage to the ski resort you’re working. Having many clients who believe in your skill ensures a solid self-esteem no financial rewards can compensate.

Diversity and making a difference

You can either be a ski instructor for customers, or for ground staff like the park rangers and patrol guards. As a customer service ski instructor, you can choose which specific group to cater. People with medical background can work as ski instructors for emergency health care recruits or hands-on physical therapists for recovering patients under enhancement rehabilitation. You may also be a ski instructor who can easily connect with children to a level conducive for attentive coaching. There is a diverse range of opportunity available for you in any ski resort industry. Ski vacation destinations value their instructors because they make a huge difference.

Dealing With Perfectionism

Perfectionism can be a virtue in the pursuit of excellence and mastery, but it may also have a dark side, with unhealthy obsessions or chronic dissatisfaction getting in the way of creative imagination, healthy relationships and life satisfaction.

Two examples: Filmmaker Jerry Bruckheimer has been called a relentless perfectionist, someone who never allows a single detail to go by without notice. Martha Stewart calls herself a maniacal perfectionist and says if she weren’t, she wouldn’t have her huge multimedia company.

Psychologist Stephen A. Diamond, Ph.D. thinks that without perfectionism, we would not have the number of ventures we consider extraordinary and excellent, outstanding or great.

But perfectionism is not always a virtue, and it can affect how controlling we get about our lives and interactions with other people.

Actor Michelle Pfeiffer considers herself a perfectionist, but admits she can drive herself mad – and other people, too. But she thinks it is one of the reasons for her success, because she really cares about what she does and strives to get it right.

But another artist renowned (and often condemned) for her perfectionism, Barbra Streisand warns that we have to accept imperfections in ourselves, and in others. She notes it’s part of the beauty of life that nothing can be perfect.

Actor Ashley Judd entered a treatment program in 2006 to overcome lifelong emotional problems, and learned she was using sleep to deal with uncomfortable feelings and that her habit of wiping down plastic surfaces on planes and hotels was all about control, a big part of perfectionism.

Now, she says, it helps to be aware that engaging in perfectionism is a form of abusing herself.

In her book Never Good Enough, Monica Ramirez Basco, Ph.D. writes that when you think you keep falling short, feel criticized by others, or cannot get others to cooperate in doing something the way you think it “should” be done, you can end up inflicting negative attitudes and emotions on both yourself and others.

She describes cognitive-behavioral methods for controlling the distress associated with perfection, to identify, evaluate, and change the underlying beliefs that affect how we may respond to events and interact with others.

This can be a powerful approach to dealing with perfectionism. Part of it is becoming aware of the beliefs you have about striving to “do things right” in a compulsive way, and not allowing for “imperfect” to be okay.

Dr. Basco lists some potential beliefs to examine, such as: “If I make a mistake, it will be horrible”; “I must be perfect or others will disapprove of me” and “If I do it perfectly, then everyone will notice.”

These kinds of thoughts or ideas can seem to be true, at least in some situations. When you create something excellent, people are likely to notice and acclaim it. But depending on being “perfect” for approval is a self-defeating belief.

In his book Perfecting Ourselves To Death, Richard Winter quotes psychologist Don Hamachek about making a distinction between unhealthy and healthy perfectionists, who can derive pleasure from painstaking efforts and feel free to be less precise when appropriate.

They can enhance their self-esteem, take pleasure in their skills, and appreciate doing an outstanding job.

So another part of dealing with perfectionism is to pay attention to how you feel when striving to be perfect, and when you “fail” to get there at times.

It may not be easy to let go of stress around perfectionism, but it can benefit your life in many ways.

Actor Faye Dunaway has said she has learned to stop being so controlling, but agrees it can be a very hard thing to change. Now, she finds she can more often “sit back and enjoy the ride.”

Director James Cameron disagrees with being labeled a perfectionist: “No, I’m a greatist. I only want to do it until it’s great.”

That is something we can all do: take pleasure in making it great.

5 Tips to Avoid Holiday Rental Rip-Offs

We've all been there ….

It's the middle of winter, it's darn cold and the days rotate around the start and finish of work. Not fun. And so we start thinking or fantasizing about long hot summer days when the nights seem endless and you can actually do something other than …. well let's see …. work.

We need a rope to cling to, a bright spark to look forward to. What better than a summer holiday with the family? We trawl the web while sitting in our cold study looking at luxurious hotels, motels, holiday apartments and then a listing catches our eye. An amazing holiday rental located in just the area we want. Well what the heck we say and investigate further. The holiday rental is glitzy, it's glamorous, it has amazing views across the sparkling sands, modern décor, you name it – it has it. Wow! we say. Bet that will cost a fortune. So we hesitantly press the check price button. The price flashes up, we hastily do the math and calculate that, well, it's actually not too bad. The daily price per person is not much more than the local caravan park. What the heck. We send off an email inquiry.

Several days later the owner contacts us with availability, prices and bank details for us to pay the deposit. It all reads okay and so we go ahead, confident that we have secured the family a great holiday at a great price. We sit back with a smug smile feeling very pleased with ourselves.

Holiday time comes around. We load the family in the car and set off down the road. After six hours battling the roads and other drivers we're tired, the family is grumpy from being forced to sit in a car bulging with holiday requirements and our partner is complaining about a migraine caused by the kids constant fighting. The destination can not arrive soon enough.

And then we're there. The owner has clearly provided us with a map. Sure it's a little sketchy but hey you navigated the London Tube. How difficult will it be to locate a holiday house? Your partner with the impending migraine navigates for you, issuing instructions that you know can not be right. What do you mean turn off the highway? It is still 10k to the beach. Ahhh, you comfort yourself, the holiday rental was advertised as private. A side road winding down to the coast is all part of the plan. The bitumen road turns to gravel and after a few more k's becomes a narrow twisty path that resembles more of a goat track which inevitably causes to swallow the car in one of the more impressive potholes. The beginnings of nervous perspiration bead on your forehead. Your heart however, lifts with relief when your partner yells "There it is!"

You swing the car into the driveway, wincing as branches from unkempt bushes whip along the side of the car. 'It will all be okay' you mutter reassuringly to yourself. The house emerges, a quaint woodsy cottage surrounded by freshly mown lawns and bush. You stare in disbelief at the heavy native forest surrounding you. This can not be right. You grab the map and check it again; confident your partner has made a mistake. No mistake.

You sneak a look at your partner whose face is frozen into immobility. Your teenage daughter, as usual, sums it up perfectly with the classic one liner 'You can not be serious! I'm not staying in that dump! ' Even your son, an adventurous soul, appears lost for words.

Ever hopeful, you clamber out of the car, confident that the beach and stunning ocean views are tucked away. You just have not discovered them yet. You stand on the verandah and see the ocean. A pale patch of blue far, far away in the distant. In the meantime your partner is scanning the instructions provided by the owner on where to find the keys. You both set off in pursuit of the keys. Okay, the view was not quite what you expected but hey, maybe the house will be better.

After ten minutes of fruitless searching you return empty handed. No keys. By now you're losing it. You punch the owner contact details into your phone and mentally prepare yourself to give this owner a serve, growing more frustrated when your call clicks through to voice mail. Resisting the urge to leave a few choice explets you go with a short, terse message. Call me. Now. '

Conveniently your partner 'finds' an open door and you step intrepidly inside. To your relief the inside appears okay, better than expected. On closer inspection you find dead flies and much to your daughter's horror a large spider has nestled with an extravagant web over a doorframe. There are breadcrumbs on the bench; fat splattered on the hotplates and the oven resembles an open fire roasting pit. The mattress guards are stained, the window ledges are dusty, there's a few choice cockroaches scuttling for cover and quell horror, your partner finds a condom under a bed.

You think you have finally hit rock bottom when a screech from the bathroom has the entire family running to find one grossed out daughter staring at a pubic hair on the tiles. You admit defeat. There is no way your family is going to allow you to get away with this.

Half an hour later having exhausted every holiday accommodation site for the area on the web you come away with a small victory. A campsite at the local caravan park and the park owners kindly offer to provide the tent and bedding for an extra 100 bucks a day. 'Bargain' you mutter sarcastically while bemoaning the unwarranted damage to the bank account and the exciting prospect of pursuing the MIA owners for a refund.

Yeah, we've all been there. So how do you avoid holiday rental rip-offs? Read these handy tips and while you may not avoid all problems you'll definitely learn how to eliminate some of them.

1. Do your research. And then research some more. When you find a property you like, Google the name and address. See what other sites the property is listed on and check for different photos so that you get a good idea of ​​what the property really looks like. Look at the property on Google Maps. Is it as close to the services as the ad claims it to be? Check the amount of bookings – it is likely that if the property is regularly booked the owner has a good reputation.

2. Check the terms and conditions of the website that you are ordering through. Do their terms and conditions cover the individual properties advertised or are they a set of generic website terms that state 'all care and no responsibility' or refer to owner?

3. Take a look at what other guests have said about the property. Have a look at the reviews on Trip Advisor or look at reviews of the property under the Google Business listing.

4. Be careful about payment. Read the cancellation and refund policy carefully. Chances are if you have booked for Easter or Christmas it may be difficult for you to obtain a refund for other than genuine reasons. Your booking has received the owner from accepting other bookings for that period and as one of their major income weeks – they will want to be paid and will have terms and conditions to cover that very eventuality.

5. Unless you know the owner of the holiday rental personally, have booked the property previously, or know someone that has, it pays to go through an established holiday rental business. The properties are managed by experienced and qualified property managers, standards are set and if not met will be corrected, there will be a local office and staff that you can actually see to speak to and as holiday rentals are their business and you are their client they will be very eager to ensure that you are well looked after.